The 2014 Ernest Hemingway Festival: Hemingway’s Cuba

Hemingway Festival 2014 Sun Valley Idaho
Portrait of Ernest Hemingway by Antonio Gattorno

The Community Library’s 2014 Ernest Hemingway Festival will take place at the Ketchum/Sun Valley Community Library from September 3–6, 2014, with support from Boise State University and the Idaho Humanities Council.

This year’s festival will examine Ernest Hemingway’s life in Cuba. Hemingway lived in Cuba from 1939 until 1960. In 1940, Hemingway and his wife Martha, purchased Finca Vigía, or “lookout house,” outside Havana, Cuba. Ernest Hemingway lived there for the next 20 years, and wrote two of his most celebrated novels: For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea. A Moveable Feast was also written there.

The highlights of the festival are presentations by director of the Finca Vigía, Ada Rosa Rosales, who is traveling to Ketchum from Cuba; by Sean Poole, author of Gattorno: A Cuban Painter for the World, about Antonio Gattorno, a close friend of Ernest Hemingway; by Boise State University’s Dr. Mac Test who will present, “The Old Man and the Sea (on the Sea)”; by Martin Peterson, renowned Hemingway scholar; and by Nancy Sindelar, author of Influencing Hemingway.

The literary portion of the event was created in close partnership with Boise State University who is sponsoring participating professors Mac Test, Mitch Wieland, Clyde Moneyhum, Emily Wakild, and Adrian Kane. Joining these scholars will be graduate students, featured in a panel discussion.

The Community Library is pleased to expand the festival’s program this year with multiple “edutaining” events that allow attendees to get a feel for the rich historical and literary heritage and natural vibrancy of Sun Valley and Ketchum, which Hemingway chose as his last home. Guests are invited to join an excursion to the world famous Silver Creek Preserve; attend the screening of the 1958 film, The Old Man and the Sea, which was partially filmed in Cuba; visit “Hemingway Haunts,” an historical tour of Ketchum hosted by local guide Jim Jaquet; try “Papa’s” favorite cocktails at the local Cornerstone Bar; or develop their shooting skills at the Sun Valley Gun Club.

A special Ernest Hemingway: At Home in Ketchum exhibition will premiere at the Sun Valley Museum of History on Sept. 5 at 6:30 p.m. The final day of the symposium, Sept. 6, will feature key speakers, including Rosales, followed by a festival dinner at the Trail Creek Cabin, a time-honored culinary tradition in Sun Valley.

To register, click here, or call: (208) 726-3493, ext. 123.

General admission cost is $45 ($30 student admission). Limited seating available, please register early.

For more information, email Anna Svidgal

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