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This is an open forum for all Community Library denizens to comment on titles or discuss the collection. The collection extends from straight fiction, mystery and science fiction to nonfiction concerning all subjects, whether the form be book, comic, talking book on CD, DVD, or electronic book. Speculation about upcoming titles before they are released is also encouraged. If a reader would like to contribute a regular review or discussion, such as an online book group, please leave a comment or contact the moderator about becoming a blog contributor.

All subject matter concerning the Adult library collection is fair game, as long as the actual discussion remains civil.


Hyperobjects May Be Nearer Than They Appear

hyper objects

Dick Fassino, an excellent and perceptive patron of the Community Library, offered this interesting commentary on a recent addition to our stacks, Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World by Timothy Morton. The review is cautionary and thoughtful, and an interesting counterpoint to the publisher’s description. “Not often I get flummoxed by […]

Welcome Home, Bowe

May 31st, 2014

The Knowledge by Lewis Dartnell–a guest book review by Richard Fassino

Thank you very much to one of our most widely read and erudite patrons, Richard Fassino, for this timely review of a newly released book on our shelves, The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch by Lewis Darnell.  The Denizens blog at The Community Library welcomes a wide range of contributions from our […]

Why Gove Shouldn’t Kill the Mockingbird

This excellent article comes from the Interesting Literature blog. I felt it was well worth boosting the signal.

This Week — Poetry, The Idaho Public TV Premiere of The Address, Online Safety and the Guitar Circle, all @The Community Library

Tonight, Tuesday April 16th, Idaho poet Jeanne Rodgers will help us celebrate National Poetry Month with readings from her work, including the recently released book Through the Cattails. A search for poetry in our catalog turns up over a thousand hits, including audio CDs, DVDs and poetry for kids! Whatever your poetic tastes, from Auden […]