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Hyperobjects May Be Nearer Than They Appear

Dick Fassino, an excellent and perceptive patron of the Community Library, offered this interesting commentary on a recent addition to our stacks, Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World by Timothy Morton. The review is cautionary and thoughtful, and an interesting counterpoint to the publisher’s description. “Not often I get flummoxed by a book, but this one “did me in”! Timothy Morton’s “Hyperobjects: philosophy and ecology after the end of the world”. Even my three years in […]

The Knowledge by Lewis Dartnell–a guest book review by Richard Fassino

Thank you very much to one of our most widely read and erudite patrons, Richard Fassino, for this timely review of a newly released book on our shelves, The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch by Lewis Darnell.  The Denizens blog at The Community Library welcomes a wide range of contributions from our patrons, board and staff that relate to our multifarious library collections. With all the stories around about the destruction of the world as we know […]

This Week — Poetry, The Idaho Public TV Premiere of The Address, Online Safety and the Guitar Circle, all @The Community Library

Tonight, Tuesday April 16th, Idaho poet Jeanne Rodgers will help us celebrate National Poetry Month with readings from her work, including the recently released book Through the Cattails. A search for poetry in our catalog turns up over a thousand hits, including audio CDs, DVDs and poetry for kids! Whatever your poetic tastes, from Auden to Rumi or Robert Service to Ogden Nash, there is a poem, haiku, verse, epic or sonnet in the Library for you. Later Tuesday night, […]

Weeding the Stacks

One of the most (intellectually) difficult jobs for many collection development, acquisitions and circulation librarians can be culling books from the shelves. Many books need to be weeded, some because they are unloved and no one checks them out anymore, and some ahead of their time because of damage, obsolescence, or outright dirt poor information. Fiction writers lie for a living, and do it with style and panache (they get a bye on fibbing, the Mark Twain Free Pass.) Some […]

Voices of Ireland

Spring is approaching, and St. Patrick summons the young shoots of summer with feasting and observances (at least, his pagan forebears did, during the equinoxial feast of Ostara, with which the saint’s day closely coincides.) If you are planning a party, or enjoy the sound of roots Irish ballads, we have a number of Irish music CDs and Irish-themed DVDs, and many, many books, celebrating Irish history and culture from the sea-roving Celts to the Irish Brigade. If you’d like […]

Living in the Mountains–Avalanches

The Sawtooth Avalanche Center (twitter feed @sawtoothavy) has raised the local avalanche warning to “HIGH” today (up from “considerable.”) They warn backcountry skiers, snowmobilers and hikers to stay away from both slopes and outruns below avalanche paths. Slides are going to occur on all aspects of central Idaho mountains, north, south, east and west, due to wind loading, unstable slab built over old “ball-bearing” layers of snow, and recent new snowfall. (Avalanche controlled slopes within ski area boundaries are not […]

The Winter Olympic Tradition Runs Deep in Sun Valley

Congratulations to Idaho snowboarder Sage Kotsenberg for winning the slopestyle, opening the Winter Olympics with risk, flair and a 1620 Japan (4.5 rotations and a grab.) Hockey player Hilary Knight from Sun Valley scored a goal and an assist as the women’s team stopped Finland 3-1 in their opener. Hailey skier Jasmine Campbell carried the flag for her native-born U.S. Virgin Islands team during the opening ceremonies. In The Valley, the politics of the Olympics have always taken a deep […]

Join the Guitar Circle with Taul Paul–Followup Meeting February 20th–three new guitars are now circulating in our stacks!

Edit February 7th: Due to the enthusiasm of our first meeting on January 23rd, we are holding another Guitar Circle event Thursday, February 20th, at 6:00 pm. Bring your stringed instrument, (or just yourself, and listen in!) The lecture room door will open early for those who want to tune up or compare notes. If you’d like a copy of Taul Paul’s music sheets before the event, email me here at the Community Library– cbutterfield thecommunitylibrary.org. Two new Fender FA100 […]