Firelines: The Story of Wildland Fires in the American West

The Community Library’s Sun Valley Museum of History’s exhibition, Firelines: The Story of Wildland Fires in the American West, is open through October 7, 2017. Firelines offers an overview of wildland firefighting history in the West and remembrances of the local wildland fires. The Library’s Regional History Department developed this new exhibit. There is a timeline from 1865 to the present which creates a firefighting perspective. The exhibit continues on to discuss the most recent fires in the Wood River Valley, the 2007 Castle Rock and the 2013 Beaver Creek fires and how they impacted the community.

Firelines exhibits wildland firefighters essential tools, photographs of the Castle Rock and Beaver Creek fires, and a video display of “Firestories,” interviews with Wood River Valley residents about their personal memories of these two fires. In addition, the exhibit features regional maps showing the location and growth of fires in Idaho. Firelines is a collaboration with the Environmental Resource Center.


History panels

Nomex shirt and pants with chainsaw chaps

Shovel, Pulaski, water pump pack

Field equipment and local fire panels

Chainsaw and drip torch

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