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Anthony Doerr All the Light We Cannot See

I’m happy (and relieved) to introduce you our new website! After many, many hours of hard work and toil, we are up and running. The new platform is really just the beginning however, as we here at the ComLib move into creating content in addition to our traditional role of curating it. This is already taking several forms, including Scott’s Radio Hour on KDPI FM (89.3 FM in Ketchum, streaming live), and will take many more in the coming weeks and months.

The first is the the blogs our departments are now posting and keeping. Cathy Butterfield and her Library Denizen’s Blog has been our guiding light in this arena for years now. We’ve done this in so many other ways inside the building during the 5.5 years I’ve been here. Beyond this, we have begun to live stream our Lecture Room Series. Lectures will be available online live and for replay; in case you weren’t one of the lucky ones here for Anthony Doerr’s wonderful lecture last week, here it is, in its entirety:

Keep an eye on this web space too for podcasts starting in August. The first will be the radio show, but I’m super stoked to begin recording Tech Talks (working title) with our own star instructor, Paul Zimmerman. We come to tech from very different angles, and always have something to talk about when it comes to new developments and how best to utilize tech in your day-to-day. -Aaron

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