The Community Library has something for everyone.

The Main Library shares 45,000 books, DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, graphic novels, and electronic books with 15,000 Community Library cardholders located throughout the valley and worldwide.

Our Library cards are free.  They have no local residence requirements; just bring a photo ID to sign up for a card. Cardholders may sign into our online services by clicking the link at the top of all pages, or by clicking here.

The Community Library is a free resource for all local residents and worldwide visitors to the Wood River Valley. The library collection strives to provide wide access to information deriving from many cultural backgrounds, social values and beliefs. The library upholds the right of the individual to explore many avenues of information, though the content might be controversial, unorthodox or unacceptable to others. Viewpoints that may be expressed in the library collection signify a commitment to intellectual freedom, and not an endorsement of any particular point of view.

The Community Library endeavors to apply the highest professional standards to our acquisition and collection maintenance activities, in keeping with or mission statement and the guidelines established by the Library Bill of Rights, the American Library Association and the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

All the contents and services in the Main Library and other collections are supported by generous contributions from many local residents as well as patrons from around the globe, allowing our librarians to create a collection that is broad in both scope and depth to serve a widely diverse local and global community. We receive no tax monies, and deeply thank our cardholders worldwide for their sharing and support for nearly 60 years.

Beyond our core print collections, the Main Library includes magazines, newspapers, music CDs, books on  CD, DVDs and eBooks.  Fiction, Science Fiction and Mystery print books and audiobooks are grouped by author, and our broad collection of nonfiction books, audiobooks and DVDs are organized by the Dewey Decimal System.

Our Research and Computer Room has many power strips incorporated into study tables for the use of personal computers or devices. Many computer stations are available for in-house listening and viewing of our holdings, adjacent to our language-learning media and foreign language books. Bilingual patrons may be interested in our Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Swedish language fiction and nonfiction shelves.  Over fifty languages are represented in our language learning lab books, CDs, and DVDs.

New published fiction and nonfiction books, Large Print books, audiobooks and DVDs are displayed near the fireplace.  Collection selections include a wide variety of bestsellers and popular recreational reads, and book selections are sensitive to user demand.  Please do ask our librarians about acquiring books or other materials in any subject or genre that cannot be found in the collections.  Material selection choices also support life-long learning over many subjects and fields. Core collection concentrations include travel, recreation, all levels of literature, arts and crafts, culinary arts, biography, social issues and history. There is a strong demand for new books in popular genres, including current events, history, biography, culinary arts, architecture, art, mystery, suspense, fantasy and literary fiction.

Special collections within the main library include five new displays.  Near the entrance to Regional History, we have collected  our Hemingway biographies and critiques and a celebration of Railroad History.   We have also created a brand new collection of  books following Native American and Pre-Columbian history, interleaved with our circulating books dedicated to Idaho History.  In the main nonfiction stacks, readers will discover the Lister astrology and paranormal collection, which explores many unique aspects of psychology, health, and the paranormal.

The Spanish and French language collections have moved into the Reference and Research room near the computers, for greater ease of access to all our second and third language speakers.  In our media alcoves, we showcase the Teaching Company instructive DVDs and CD materials, the Spiritual Film Festival and Family of Woman DVD collections.  Newly published books reside in our New Rental Fiction and New Nonfiction display for easy browsing. Nearly 1000 electronic books are available for virtual checkouts from anywhere with internet access.  We even have three guitars available at our Music Station ready to check out and play.

The materials we share at The Community Library are selected from many vendors both local and wholesale, after consulting numerous professional publications devoted to book, audio and dvd reviews. Our librarians endeavor to maximize the depth and breadth of the subject matter for our patrons. All attempts are made to identify and order items that will meet our patron needs for both recreational reading and lifelong learning, sharing with a local and global perspective.

The Community Library, bringing information, ideas and individuals together to enhance the cultural life of the community.

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