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Consistent with our founding philosophy, the Community Library remains an entirely privately funded public library—a rarity today. We offer the same free access as government-funded libraries, but we receive no tax revenue. The Library thrives because the community believes in it and regards it as a trust for which all bear a responsibility.  Respecting the convictions of our Founders and a long line of dedicated trustees, we are proud of our conservative fiscal management.

The CLA has balanced its operating budget consistently since 1955. We own our buildings and land, we are debt-free, and our disciplined annual expense budget of $1.4 million ensures the most efficient use of our resources. The Library’s Gold Mine Thrift Store and consignment shop generate more than $1 million in retail sales annually, but the net profit covers just over 30-percent of the Library’s operating expenses. We work to raise the balance of our operating budget each year by contributions from generous individuals, foundations, and corporations. We are working to offer the community new and impactful fundraising events that support the Library, as well as enrich our supporters. Each member of the Library’s Board of Trustees makes meaningful financial and volunteer contributions to this effort.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible.

The Community Library is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our Federal Tax Identification number is 82-0290944. Monetary gifts to the Library are tax deductible.

Idaho Educational Tax Credit
What the Idaho Educational Tax Credit means to you!

The Idaho Educational Tax Credit creates powerful leverage that multiplies the impact of your gift to The Community Library. For gifts up to $1,000 ($2,000 for couples if filing jointly), the credit plus state and Federal deductions can lower your net cost to substantially less than half the nominal amount of your gift.

Here are links to some documents that will help you and your tax advisor understand how the credit may benefit you when you support the Library.

Donate! provides a short summary of how the credit works, as well as some examples of the savings to you. Start with this one! Then if you want to dig a bit deeper, see:

After-tax cost of gifts to Library: This shows in greater detail how the credit works for gifts of various amounts over a range of taxable income levels. It includes an example showing exactly how the credit works to reduce the cost of your gift.

The following documents contain the language used by the Idaho Legislature and the Idaho Tax Commission to create the credit and explain to taxpayers how to claim it. Your tax advisor will want to refer to these.

Idaho Education Credit Instructions is an excerpt from the complete Idaho Income Tax Instructions, published by the Idaho Tax Commission, as they pertain to claiming the Education Tax Credit.

Idaho Statutes Sec 63-3029A is the section of the Idaho Code that creates this powerful tax credit. The intention, as stated in the law, is that the credit will remain available to Idaho taxpayers through 2015.

We are making these resources available to assist you in planning your gift to assure the future of your Community Library. But please remember: the Library does not offer tax advice, so be sure to consult your personal tax advisor to determine what benefits apply in your specific circumstances.

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